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Sherry Guthrie M.S., LPC
Petoskey Professional Counselors, LLC

I work with individuals and couples who wish to live a full and rewarding life regardless of past experiences or current challenges.  My clients have a range of issues that may include, but are not limited to, adult survivors of recent or remote trauma, adult survivors of childhood maltreatment, individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship issuse, low sense of self, anger management, adjustment difficulties, parent-child dysfunction, or grief and loss. I use a variety of carefully chosen treatment modalities to assist clients in reaching their personal goals. Such modalities might include CBT, traditional talk therapy, relaxation, biofeedback, pyschodynamic interpretation, assessment measures, and reading or writing material.

Making changes is never easy.  It takes purposeful effort both inside and outside the therapy environment.  Many clients find personal growth both difficult and rewarding. Therapy is not a sprint, it means learning new techniques for living and continuing to hone these techniques long after the therapeutic relationship has ended.

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